Enchanted Flower | Handmade Pillow
Enchanted Flower | Handmade Pillow
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Enchanted Flower | Handmade Pillow

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Artist: Ashraf Hashem

Size: Approximately 22" X 22.25"

Title: "Enchanted Flower" - Khayamiya

Style: Handstitched Applique Art

Origin: Handstitched in Egypt

We recommend dry clean only.

Color and pattern variation in handmade items are normal.

Insert not included.


Attempting to preserve the ancient handmade Egyptian artwork, our decorative pillows will add a genuine authentic feel to your decor. With it's unique historic pattern and bright color, it's exactly what you need for your home. Hand stitched in Cairo, Egypt using natural cotton materials, each piece is truly one of a kind.

The Tentmakers of Cairo are the artists behind this amazing quilt/patchwork artwork that goes back hundreds of years ago. Located on the same street “Khayamiya Street”, in the heart of old Cairo, these talented artists sit quietly working their magic on each piece of fabric, transforming it to an exquisite piece of art. Khayamyiya simply means Tent making. Years ago, tentmakers used to decorate tents used by desert travelers from the inside, to give it a delightful and a refreshing feel by using brilliant colors and designs.

What is Egyptian Appliqué? It is a type of quilting, however different from any other quilting you’ve seen before. It’s a hand stitched appliqué on a cotton colorful background backed by a heavy canvas fabric that can be hanged on the wall or used as cushions. The appliqué pieces are always bright and colorful. Each piece is delicately hand stitched on a magnificent background carefully chosen to match the color and design of the whole piece.

This handmade tent making artwork occupation is unfortunately endangered. We are trying to help those artists to keep this historic legacy alive.

In our gallery, we offer variety of designs, from geometric Islamic designs, to Pharaonic Lotus designs, to even Arabic Calligraphy designs. All these art pieces are made with 100% cotton fabrics.

By owning one of these exquisite pieces of art, you have owned a piece of history from the heart of Old Cairo.