We are a husband and wife duo passionate about Art and Handmade Artwork from around the world. In our many travels, we have come to the realization that each culture has its own Unique Art that differentiates it from other cultures, yet all of them seem to share the same essence of beauty and tranquility. Our mission is to bring you Unique Handmade Art from the different corners of the world. We chose the name Arkan (which means Corners or Pillars in Arabic) for its symbolic meaning.

We are starting our journey with Egypt. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, that has such a rich and unique history that we could not start anywhere else. The current political turmoil has led most tourists to shy away from visiting Egypt at this time, which forced most of the artisans involved in creating such beautiful artwork to run out of business.

Our goal is to revive the almost extinct Egyptian Handmade Artistry by providing a Gallery for our lifelong Artists to showcase their Unique Handmade Art.

In the near future, we promise to bring you more Unique Handmade Art from different cultures. We welcome your suggestions on the next culture to feature in our Gallery.

We promise that you will fall in love with your Unique Exotic Art and that it will be worthy of display. If for any reason, you are not in love with your Unique Exotic Art, please let us know and we will offer you a full refund, we will even pay for the return shipment.

Thank you,
Arkan Gallery